Interview: The Successful Founder (3rd August 2022)
The Successful Founder

The Successful Founder prides itself on unearthing ambitious underdog founders so we were chuffed to see that Marion was tracked down!


As one might imagine, energy drinks is a fast-moving and frenetic marketplace packed with instantly recognizable category stewards and a constant slew of fast-moving new arrivals. Whilst sports drinks lost their way during Lockdown, an inevitable consequence of the closure of gyms, sports fields and team sports; a more responsive energy drinks category quickly repivoted to take-home formats which allowed them not simply to ring-fence but turbo-boost their sales.

The success of energy drinks is multi-faceted but in broad-brush terms can be attributed to its enduring cult status among young adults and adolescents as an easily accessible ‘daily buzz,’ a chilled caffeine-fix alternative to frothy coffee and tea, cult gamer refreshment, a blossoming appreciation for brands with proven functional benefits and an everyday affordable soft drink for anyone seeking to cope with full-on social lives and hard-working gym regimes.

Energy One is an emboldened energy drink disruptor with a very distinct and highly charged agenda, a vibrant outsider championed by Marion Barnaby and Peter Knoflach; two serial entrepreneurs with an impressive track record in motor sport and car dealerships.

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